How it works

QuickerFeet is incredibly simple. Here is how it works in five quick steps.

  • The retailer posts a deal online
  • The post appears on QuickerFeet immediately
  • Users all around the retailer are notified...
  • ...and go directly to the store
  • And the purchase is made in-store. Easy!

Promotional power

QuickerFeet offers retailers the ability to promote live in-store promotions to legions of app users.

The tool is great for all types of promotions, whether it be existing promotional offers, price reductions, in-store offerings, events, or new stock. It's perfect for planned, but also last minute spontaneous promotions, allowing you to respond immediately to market conditions.


Close communication

QuickerFeet is location-based with a radar that will show consumers what deals are available around their current location. As a retailer, you can therefore alert iPhone users that are in your geographic area in an instant!

No Coupons

It's user-friendly

QuickerFeet is coupon-free and the consumer does not have to commit to a promotion in advance. Retailers do not have to implement costly POSM systems, consumers simply make the purchase in-store as with any other transaction.



Unlike social or group buying deals that are enormously costly, it's inexpensive for the retailer to use QuickerFeet. Pricing starts at $5.00 to place a promotion, there's no additional cost and no percentage of profits to share.

In a time when social deals and mobile apps cost the retailer up to 50% of the value of a deal, QuickerFeet provides exceptional value for money.

Developing a mobile app can be expensive, but with QuickerFeet retailers gain access to a location-based mobile presence without any development costs.


Your deal - everywhere!

QuickerFeet incorporates social media for viral word of mouth communication by letting the consumers share promotions on Twitter, Facebook and via email. With one simple touch, your promotion and your brand can go viral within minutes of being posted.


Instant notification

QuickerFeet allows the consumer to identify their favourite retailers. These consumers will then receive instant push notifications from your stores the moment you place a promotion. This ensures your biggest fans are always the first to know when your promotions go live.


Large consumer base

QuickerFeet is backed by a national media campaign and some of Australia's largest retailers, ensuring it will have significant reach with hundreds of thousands of consumers using QuickerFeet everyday to find promotions around them.